If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“My daughter Aimee has been coming to see Dr. Lewis for the past two years. It has been a wonderful experience. Her staff is wonderful, and Dr. Lewis and her staff always have smiles on their faces, which is nice to see (no grumpy people). I always recommend Dr. Lewis when a family is looking for an orthodontist.” — Hilda A.

“Both of my children are in braces at the moment (age 12 and 15), and we are very pleased with Dr. Lewis and all of her staff. My youngest has TMJ and can’t open her mouth wide and everyone is so patient with her pain, stopping when they need to. Braces are no fun, but if you have to have them, I would highly recommend Dr. Lewis.” — Laura L.

“I just wanted to let you know, the field trip was GREAT! I really enjoyed tagging along for most of the field trip before I had to leave for recess duty! All five stations were extremely fun and interesting. I only missed one of the stations and Hannah said that was so cool to see the bugs that could crawl on your teeth if you do not brush. Dr. Lewis and her entire staff were so kind to the kids and they really did an amazing job with working with each child. I couldn’t imagine that an orthodontist’s office could be so fun and educational, but it really was! I loved the way each child got to experience each step of every station: teeth molds, X-ray points and explanations, the always fun and funny ‘pink tablet’ where you missed brushing and flossing, the customer service, communication, and understanding how money is so important to a business, and of course, the bugs on the teeth one that I missed. Hannah came home wearing her visor and was explaining it all to her older sibling because she enjoyed it so much!” — Salina S.

“I was so impressed with the service I experienced at Lewis Orthodontics. We had trouble with insurance at the beginning and they really helped me all they could to make the experience a pleasant one. My daughter, Rebecca, now has the most beautiful teeth.” — Karen M.

“Lewis Orthodontics is the place to go for straight teeth. I got my braces off three days ago, and the results are phenomenal. Lewis Orthodontics literally improved my life, physically and mentally, with a great smile. After watching my older brother go through braces in another state, I was afraid to get them. Then I went to Lewis Orthodontics. Not only did the staff make me feel comfortable, but they became my friends within a short time and throughout the whole experience. Appointments are quick and easy, and I can call them whenever I need to get information. (Like how I would forget to wear my rubber bands.) Now to speak directly about Dr. Lewis: If I had to use one word to explain my feelings towards her, it would be RESPECT. Respect for the effort and the expertise that she uses with her patients and their families. Thank you, Dr. Lewis and team!” — Alex S.

“I was pretty nervous about getting braces when my dentist suggested I get them to help my TMJ. She recommended Lewis, so we set up an appointment. They were really helpful, and made sure I understood how everything was going to go. I was in the braces longer than they projected, but that was because Dr. Lewis was making sure my teeth were as perfect as she could get them — she wanted to make sure I was very happy! Everyone who works at Lewis are incredibly friendly and helpful and they all have a great sense of humor. They also always make sure they’re as gentle as they can be. I actually did not mind having braces. I am in my retainers now, and I will say the only unpleasant thing about Lewis is the sander they have to use to get the glue off! There is not a bad thing about them. I highly recommend going to Lewis for any orthodontic procedures!” — Anonymous

“I am currently in braces, and before I got them on I was kicking and screaming not to get them. When when we went to Lewis Orthodontics, everything changed. The staff is so kind, and they explain the process and what it will do at the end. Now I am fine with braces, and I actually love them, because I know how beautiful my smile will be afterwards. Dr. Lewis is so professional and very kind.  As a bonus, we do fun things all the time, like go ice skating, and the office is always decorated and welcoming. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat!” — Lauren J.

“I am glad we switched! Two daughters and five years later I can still say we made the best decision when we switched from our first Edmond orthodontist to Dr. Lewis. My oldest daughter was ready for her final round of braces when Dr. Lewis caught a problem: 12-year-old molar was blocked by a wisdom tooth (our first orthodontist who had treated her for the first round MISSED this!). Dr. Lewis set up the treatment plan and although it took a while, that tooth is now where it is supposed to be and my daughter enjoys her beautiful smile! My second daughter is just finishing her second round of treatment, and my youngest will begin her first round shortly (we have a family history of big teeth/not enough space or big teeth/TOO much space, so we just can’t get around it!). Dr. Lewis’s staff is always professional and kind and it has been a joy to work with them.” — Anonymous

“I’m a dentist. Dr. Lewis treats my own children because of her excellent care and excellent service. I routinely send patients to Dr. Lewis, and they routinely return happy with her and her team. I am continually delighted with the results. In addition to her awesome care, she has top-notch technology to provide the most up-to-date treatment. I send adults and children to her. She is exceptional!” — Anonymous

“Dr. Lewis has put braces on all three of my children. She will put them back on my youngest child when all her permanent teeth come in. We live halfway between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, but Dr. Lewis’s office is always great about getting us times that work best for us, since we live so far away. My husband and I are both teachers and it is hard taking off work, but again they work with our schedules. Having had three in braces, there were plenty of times that we would experience a broken bracket or other problems, and they were always good about squeezing us in. Everyone is very nice and pleasant in her office. We always enjoy our orthodontic appointments.” — Dena

“I have had three kids get tin grins with Dr. Lewis, and I have no complaints! From easy, kid-friendly checkin, to attractive decor and bleaching kits after the braces are removed, Dr. Lewis thinks of everything. The office even has the added bonus of being comfortable for waiting chauffeurs, including a couple of game systems to entertain younger siblings or husbands. As for the most important point: the smile results. My kids’ teeth look great, enhancing their already beautiful faces!” — Rebecca

“My parents drive me 70 miles to my appointments because I like them so much! I love Dr. Lewis and everybody in the office because they are gentle on my teeth and comfortable to be around. I am glad they tell me what they are going to do before they do it, and I am looking forward to my next appointment. I can’t believe how well my braces are working already. Thanks to them, my jaw doesn’t hurt or pop anymore and my ears don’t ring. They’ve done a good job with my smile. They’re the best dentist I have ever been to because they are gentle, nice, and friendly. Now I want to be an orthodontist when I grow up. I am going to send my family and friends to their office.” — Lovejoy Family

“We love Lewis Orthodontics. Dr. Lewis has turned my 14-year-old son’s crooked teeth into a beautiful smile and I can already see the difference her expertise is making on my daughter’s smile. The people in the office are easy to work with, flexible, and gracious.” — Robin P.

I love Lewis Orthodontics! Lewis Orthodontics has done so many amazing things for me. My teeth look straighter than ever and I am only about halfway through my procedure. Even though Lewis Orthodontics is far away, it is worth every mile. Not only are they making my teeth straighter, but during one appointment they saw I had an extra tooth hidden in my gums. They were the first to see — my dentist hadn’t even seen it. WOW! They have very nice service too. They also have fun contests, prizes, and parties to make orthodontics fun. Whenever I went to school with my braces for the first time all my friends said braces were made for me. If you are looking for an orthodontist, Lewis Orthodontics is it!” — Monique M.

“Two of my children have been patients of Dr. Lewis. She and her staff are very sensitive to the needs of their patients. They exhibit phenomenal patience in working with children, especially those with special needs. Her office is a cheerful place, always decorated with seasonal decorations. Dr. Lewis strives for perfection in her work, which has resulted in beautiful outcomes for my children. Communication between staff and parent is consistent with each visit. I would recommend Dr. Lewis to anyone considering braces.” — Kathy

“I was one of Dr. Lewis’s first patients in Oklahoma, and my brother just recently got his braces taken off. So I can speak from experience when I say that Dr. Lewis has been great from the very beginning; moreover, I have loved her and the whole Lewis Orthodontics staff ever since. They treat each child as one of their own, and each adult with utmost respect. The office is exceptionally clean, and everyone is always happy and cheerful! Dr. Lewis and her assistants would do anything to make their patients feel comfortable! She even has blankets if you are cold, and a treasure chest for small children who behave during someone else’s appointment that they have to attend. Additionally, there is not anything that Dr. Lewis does during an appointment that causes discomfort such that ibuprofen or Tylenol could not treat it. Finally, I would refer anyone and everyone to Dr. Lewis, including small children, adults, and people who are scared of the orthodontist.” — Allie W.

“It was very easy to get an appointment. They have a very flexible schedule and get me in quick every time. During my visit, the orthodontist made sure to check my children’s teeth and answer questions I might have. I’ve already told my friends and family about the fantastic experience we had there. My nine-year-old has a retainer now, and has wanted to go back because he enjoys visiting with everyone. They are completely committed to helping me as long as it takes to find the best solution. My girls look forward to coming to see Dr. Lewis and everyone that works there. We love it!” — Michelle B.

“Though I was skeptical about getting orthodontics this late in life, Dr. Lewis and her staff of technicians made the experience less painful and they were always a pleasure to visit with. The staff seemed to work well together and setting appointments was easy. The procedures were thorough and the results were better than I expected. Thank you, Dr. Lewis and your awesome staff for my new million dollar smile.” — Jessie T.

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